About us

Martin-Architectural your one stop for all the technology updates and much more!

We at MARTIN are dedicatedly working to: 

  • Keep you Updated

We are here to keep you aware of the latest technology and other trending stuff that is the current buzz in the town. Ensuring that you don’t miss out on anything.

  • Fight Rumours

You guys will definitely agree with this fact that rumors spread quicker than the actual news. This happens when only a small segment of people know the truth.

  • User Interactive

This is something that most of the pages skip on, but we are trying our best to include all the bits and features to make the page interactive for all the visitors.

These three points are the main pillars which we focus on while we do anything on the page. Also, we consider wider audience and share concepts that could benefit young minds as well as interest old souls.

The Geniuses behind the Martin-Architectural

This website was started off by Janette W. Sanchez & Allen J. Johnson during their college days. Both of them are tech-enthusiasts and are in always in wonder with the advancements. It was basically Janette’s idea when she came across a photographer’s website. This way, Allen too joined in the journey and since then there is no looking back!

What kind of posts will I find on this page? 

This is a technology-oriented page, so basically we will be sharing all and everything related to the software and other digital concepts. New Gadget in town or any new recently launched application, you will find all of them here!

Can I contribute in any way? 

Yes! Firstly you could follow our feeds and subscribe for regular post notifications. This will help us in growing our community and share more interesting info with you guys.

Also, you can write to us. For those who are interested in contributing to the content can get in touch with us.

– Janette Sanchez