Best Sci-Fi things that have already turned to Reality – Tech & Future

Robert Goddard has rightly quoted – ‘It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and reality of tomorrow.’

All thanks to those sci-fi movies, books, and many other fiction things which have now being turned to reality. There are helping robots and self-driving cars available these days. Once upon a time, these so-called realities were just part of the fictional series or books.

Automatic Car

Best Sci-Fi things that have already turned to Reality – Tech & Future

In my opinion, it’s just the idea that needs to be added out! Science will find a way out on its own. Just Kidding, a big kudos to all the Idea Generators and the scientists and Inventors who make them happen!

Yes, sci-fi things come true and that happens with a pinch of imagination combined with technology. Some of the Best Sci-Fi Examples that have turned to Reality are given below:

a) 3D Printer

All the Star Trek fans may relate to the replicators, or better known as the 3D printers. They couldn’t take out the objects from the air, instead reproduce things like food, jewelry, or even a body part – just like a replicator would do.

b) Automatic Cars

Well, it was Issac Asimov who after attending World Fairs made predictions about the inventions that are likely to occur in the next 50 years. He mentioned about robot-brained cars that will be capable of self-driving.

And, the predictions turned true with companies like Tesla, Google, and Apple testing this driverless technology for cars.

c) iPad

Star Trek has already shown you the PADD system, where the character is shown holding a compact device with buttons and options on it. This is now available in the form of iPad (Personal Access Display). You can send messages, call friends, play games, and use it in any way you wish to.

d) Robot Maids

Do you remember The Jetsons programme which was aired during the 60s, and their robot maid called Rosie? That one was more like a character that used to clean the floor, cook food, and even select the clothes for the main character.

Elon Musk in the year 2016 announced about a similar robot maid that will help you with performing basic household chores. Even though we have the Roombas till then for cleaning the floor.

e) Video Calls

The Jetsons again is one of the main inspirations where they have shown people talking with one another through a TV-like screen. Now, we have a Video Call feature with almost all applications. Isn’t it? Communication and connection have never been this powerful and effective before.

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