Quick Guide: How to Fix Your Internet Connection Problem

Are you done with the Internet Connection at home? After those continuous smashing on the refresh button, and trying out all the ways – have you given up on the issue?

I think you could give it a trial, by trying out some of the quick troubleshooting steps on the connection. You never know, this may solve the problem for you.

Fix Your Internet Connection Problem

How to Fix Your Internet Connection Problem

When you face an Internet connection problem, you need to check both the physical aspects as well as the technical aspects of the system. First, check if all the cables and other wires are tightly connected, a slight loose-contact can also create a problem.

Following are the things that you can try to get the Internet back in the process:

1) The first thing which you can try out is the Ping Command. Go to the Command Prompt, and type in something like ping google.com or ping any_other_website_name, and press enter. This command sends in packets to the specified web address and returns the same of packets back. If the internet health is good, then there will be no packet loss for this instruction.

2) Maybe you are facing an issue with only a particular website. You could test on the “Down For Everyone or Just Me” website. Using this you will get to know if the website is out of service for everyone or is it just for you.

3) Check the power and the status of the connection. For all those having a router and modem connections, should make sure that all the settings on the machine are running properly. They come with LED lights on it, and they usually keep blinking in the working state. So, if any of the router options is not blinking then you can know why the internet is working for you.

4) May it’s not the internet, but the DNS servers which are creating issues for you. The default DNS servers are those which are provided by the internet service providers itself. You can access the website directly with the help of the IP address. If the IP address thing works, but you can’t access the google.com, then this is definitely the problem of the DNS servers.

5) Also, there are chances that your router needs an upgrade. The newer versions arrive with dual bands, therefore if there is a client system which requires high bandwidth then he/she will be allocated, one complete band. Some of the most common examples of these include; people streaming online videos, someone who is working on the gaming consoles, etc.

Reasons can vary, so finding the main issue may get tough for you. If after trying out the best, you are still not able to solve the issue then contact your ISP – Internet Service Provider and bring out the solution.

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